A gas engineer’s role is to solve gas-related problems. This includes installing boilers and fixing them, replacing them when they break down. They also work on other gas appliances in both domestic and commercial environments. Before calling up a gas engineer, make sure they are Gas Safe registered and are registered to work on your type of gas appliance as this is a legal requirement. At Origin, we deliver high-quality services to all of our customers through our Gas Safe engineers across Glasgow, covering areas such as Kings Park, Bearsden, Uddingston and Rutherglen.

Tasks Gas Engineers Work On But Are Not Limited To:

  • Gas engineers install and/or repair gas appliances
  • Diagnose and repair heating systems
  • Provide quotes for customers, discuss boiler issues and cover options
  • Running checks and tests to make sure the gas appliances are safe and working
  • Joining, bending and cutting pipes to fit them together

Types of Appliances Gas Engineers Work On

Gas engineers work on appliances such as gas boilers, cookers, hot water storage cylinders, central heating systems and gas fires, to name a few. Remember that some are only licensed to work on gas meters for instance, whilst others could cover all types of work. The gas engineer should be able to show an ID card to prove this to make sure they are legitimate.

Difference Between a Plumber and a Gas Engineer

Gas engineers and plumbers can sometimes seem to be quite similar but there are some key differences. A heating engineer operates with heating systems such as boilers, radiators, thermostats or hot water cylinders. A plumber, however, works on water appliances such as taps, sinks and toilets.

They can work on radiators and pipeworks but they cannot work on the boiler itself. They do not hold Gas Safe qualifications, unlike heating engineers. If you require any assistance with your central heating system leave it to the gas engineers. At Origin, we are here to help you with any of your boiler troubles, so get in touch with us straight away and we will send one of our highly trained engineers to sort out the problem.

Gas Service Engineer For Your Boiler Installation

If your old boiler is costing you higher bills and poor heating output then it is time to replace your boiler. Having your boiler installed efficiently and correctly is essential for preventing any unnecessary repairs or system breakdowns. We are experts in boiler installations. Installing a new boiler is a huge investment and will be costly. That’s why at Origin we offer cheaper boiler plans through our comfort club.

Having a boiler installed takes around 45 minutes to one hour. This is due to the number of things that they have to check, for instance, checking the boiler sensors, combustion chamber, the safety devices and so on. Remember that safety is important, so avoid touching any part of the boiler and leave it to the experts. Our engineers across Glasgow always provide customer satisfaction through our work and are professional, reliable and will get the job done.

Gas Service Engineer For Your Boiler Servicing

To prevent your boiler from breaking down, keep up with boiler maintenance to keep your house warm, especially during the cold Scottish winter. It is important to get into the habit of checking your boiler pressure and have your boiler serviced annually even when your boiler is working correctly as anything could go wrong at any given time. Not only this but having regular boiler servicing minimises the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

A gas engineer will come and carry out several checks and inspections involving checking for any leaks and ensuring that your boiler is working efficiently. Our team at Origin is waiting to help.

Gas Service Engineer For Your Boiler Repair In Glasgow

We understand the inconvenience of a boiler breakdown, especially if there is no hot water and it is chilly outside. If your heating system is making weird noises or your radiators are cold this is a sign that your boiler is not working correctly. There are many reasons why a central heating system fails to work.

It does not always mean a whole new system is required. At Origin, we will advise you on the best way to quickly get your boiler back to its maximum potential.

Get In Touch

We understand that no matter how small a job is, it’s important to do it correctly. At Origin, we are boiler experts who can quickly diagnose and check any issues your boiler has. Contact Origin today on 0141 280 6368 and one of our gas safe engineers in Glasgow will come by and help you out quickly and efficiently.